Monday, May 13, 2013

Our big surprise - Couture Smashbooks! @eksuccessbrands

K&Company has some new additions to their ever-popular Smash album series and they were kind enough to send each of us one of them. The theme they sent was "Couture" and is themed around fashion! We got the good news a week before we were to set sail and the morning of the cruise, they still hadn't arrived. We were going to try and figure out a way to get the to the cruisers once they got off the ship.

Would you believe that in between trips to pick up and deliver the boxes to the ship - our Smash books arrived? Just in a nick of time! We were all so excited and grateful! Yipppeeee!!

JoAnn's face says it all!

Here is a video showing all the pages inside the Couture Smash!

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