Monday, April 15, 2013

CRUISERS: What you need to know!


It's one week before our trip. Ready for fun and excitement?

Here is the rundown for all of you!

What you can and can't bring.

Look for any of these happy faces and they will help guide you!
 Lizzy - she is our supply coordinator!

 Jeshua and Maya are our lead volunteers. From finding your way around the ship to learning how to pour your resin, they got you covered! PLUS, they'll sing for you too!

 Dania and Amanda are helping Jeshua and Maya. PLUS Dania will be giving pin-up girl makeovers for dinner. You can even ask her for a trim and color...

FOOD: Breakfast - there are three ways - you can do the sit down service or the buffet or order a continental breakfast in your room. Same with lunch and dinner!

MERCADO: On Thursday night, we'll have tables set up around the conference room, you are welcome to take things to sell only within our group.

GIVEAWAYS: We'll be raffling off two Fiskars FUSE systems, as well as some other prizes!

On Monday, I suggest getting to the ship by 1 pm, no sooner than 11 a.m. You'll need to check your luggage with the porter. Make sure your tags are on your suitcases. Tip the porter! It helps bring good energy to your luggage arriving to your room.

Then, you'll wait in line to check into the ship. You'll need your passport and a credit card OR a birth certificate and a government ID. Your names have to match. About the credit card - Carnival will charge $10 per day for tips. This means that you won't have to tip anyone (unless you want) while on the cruise. Once the ship sets sail and you want to take the charge off your card, you can go to guest services and they'll remove the charge.

You'll go through security, just as if you are traveling through the airport.

Once on the ship, there will be people dressed in costume where you can get your photo taken. They are all over the ship. You can take the pictures and Carnival will post the prints on a big board so you can choose to buy them later if you want. Just because you pose for a picture doesn't mean you have to buy it. They come by at dinner too!

Make your way to the Lido deck because there's a good chance your room won't be ready yet. On the Lido Deck are several buffets. This is where I get my first rum punch! alcohol and soft drinks cost money, but tea, juice, punch and water are free. Usually around 2ish, the rooms are ready. Don't panic if your luggage hasn't arrived, although it's likely it will be there for you. Unpack and get settled.

The ship sets sail around 5 pm and there will be a fire drill. This is where you are told where your muster station is and we ALL go tot our stations and stand there as they tell us what to do in case of an emergency. It takes about 30 minutes. Then it ends and the cruise begins!

Our dinner is at 6 pm. We'll all be sitting in the same section at large tables. Dinner is a blast. The portions are small and delicious so you can choose something from each section of the menu as much as you want! Be adventurous!

At 8 pm, we'll have our first meet-up! Carnival is still determining which room they'll have us in for our check-n. This is where you'll check in, put your name in the prize box, receive your crafty itinerary, your swag bag and I'll give you the run down on the week. You can also pass out ATCs with eachother. 

We'll have a demo on the Gelli Plate and we'll head over to the conference room. Because we have a big group, I'll break it up in two sessions. 9:30 and 11:00 pm.

TUESDAY: Catalina Island 7:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.

Leather Rings Workshop (part one) and Book Workshop in the dining area: 9:00-11:30 am OR 12:30-3:00. We'll have a sign up sheet for you to choose either one!
Decoden Affirmation Box Workshop in the conference room, 8 OR 10 pm.
$5 mini-workshop with Annette and Theresa Armas, 9 pm
$5 mini-workshop with Lizzy Hernandez, 10 pm

WEDNESDAY: Ensenada, 9 a.m.-10 p.m.
You'll want to enjoy Ensenada! We'll take a group to take a tour to La Bufadora, the blowhole. They have a mercado and food. We'll also stop at the Mexican fabric store for smokin hot deals on oilcloth and such!

Resin Pendant Workshop in the conference room, 8 pm OR 10 pm. Freestyle crafting in the conference room through the night!
$5 mini workshop with Sacred Yoli, 9 pm
$5 mini workshop with Pearmama and BoiFromIpanema, 10 pm 

THURSDAY: Day at sea - all day crafting, 10-3 in the dining room!
Stiletto Shoe Shrine/Ring Holder Workshop, 10 am in the dining room
Leather Ring Workshop (part two)
Freestyle crafting for the rest of the day.
Cocktail party and buffet, 4 pm, room to be announced

8 p.m. - conference room for mercado and mini-concert by Jeshua and Maya!

FRIDAY: Disembark for home. Sniffle!

We'll also have a group picture in there somewhere.
One of the dinners is dress-up night. We'll have Dania on hand if you want fun make up and an updo for your hair!

Clothes for five days, toiletries, sea sick medicine if you think you'll be prone to being on water, sunscreen if you are planning to tan.
SUPPLIES: I bring everything, however I'm asking everyone to bring a STILETTO SHOE for the shrine class. If you want better lighting, bring a battery-operated task light, reading glasses. Bring any of your favorite supplies, like your favorite liner brush, etc. Any special pictures for jewelry projects, paper mask if you are prone to glue smells. We'll have paper towels, baby wipes, cups, brushes, scissors, etc. Honestly, you don't have to bring anything!
INTERNET and PHONE: Turn off your cell phone as soon as the ship sets sail. The charges are crazy expensive. I always buy the ship's internet package from the Internet cafe. Once we get on land in Catalina and Ensenada, then you can check for a FREE wifi signal.
PHOTOS: We'll be snapping pictures to post on our blog and for our sponsors!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Shout out to @Lowes

Hi everyone! Its me, Lizzy! Your Crafty Chica Cruise Supply Coordinator. Help me give Lowes a huge thank you for these gorgeous vibrant aprons. They have generously donated aprons for the Crafty Chica Cruise. How exciting.

Check out my dad who was excited to model these awesome aprons. Actually he tried to take off with it but I tackled him.

Check out for some great DIY projects and tips.

Thank you Lowes!!