Money stuff

All meals, tea/coffee/water/juice, your cabin and workshop supplies and class fees are included in your package.

The casino, cocktails, soda, gourmet coffee drinks, off-shore excursions, spa packages, gift shops and things like that cost extra. NOTE: There are awesome spa specials on the days that we are at the different ports.

When you check onto the ship, they will ask you for a credit card for the tips. Usually it is $10 per day per person. In other words, they will charge your credit card $80 per person for this cruise. This means that you will NEVER have to worry about tipping any of the staff on your trip. (There is an optional tip envelope at the end for your waiter.) It also connects your card to the Sail and Sign card they give you.

This is your currency while on the ship and serves as your ID card.  Anything you buy outside of what is offered will go on your Sail and Sign card. You can pay with cash, but they prefer the card.

Here is the official fine print on the Sail and Sign Card.

NOTE: Once you get on the ship and we leave the shore, you can go to the customer service counter and ask them to remove the fee and tell them that you will be paying tips as you go. However, I always use the credit card because I like not having to worry about anything!

This will be our sixth year doing this, and honestly, we rarely spend anything except for my rum punches now and then. Everything is covered! So if you are traveling on a budget, no worries, you can get by. Many of our cruisers save their cash for when we go into Mexico.


- I'll set up a tour bus for us to go into Cabo to go shopping at the Mexican fabric store and the downtown arts district in San Jose del Cabo. This is optional and is usually about $20., if we have time, we'll stop at a shrimp taco stand too!

- We have mercado night on the last night of the cruise in our craft room. You can bring items you made to sell. And use your money to shop from other cruisers!

- We have one $5 mini-workshop. Optional!