What to expect

We leave out of The Port of Long Beach

Transfers from airport to the port on the day of our cruise and when we return.

Parking is $15 per day at the port. Many cruisers arrive the day before and book a room at a Park and Ride motel and the price includes the cost of parking your car until you return.
From one of our cruisers, Sherry:
For those driving to Long Beach for the cruise, we always stay at a hotel for the Park & Cruise deal that gives free parking for 7 nights when you stay one night. They deliver you to the ship and pick you up at the end of the cruise. Most hotels only drive you one way. $169 for the 7 night parking with two-way shuttle deal for up to 4 persons.
BEST WESTERN of Long Beach
1725 Long Beach Boulevard
Long Beach , California
90813-1931,United States
Phone: 562/599-5555
Fax : 562/599-1212
- The ship departs at 4 p.m., arrive super early because the lines are crazy-long.You will pull up, the cruise guys will take your bags - make sure you have labels and the Carnival luggage tags on them.

- First you go to your room, plop down your stuff and the steward comes in and introduces him or herself. Your bags will be delivered to your room within a few hours. We’ll have some time to chill before the ship pulls out. This is usually the time you will find me on the Lido Deck sipping my first rum punch. It's become a soothing ritual! Right before the ship sets sail, they will conduct a drill. EVERYONE HAS TO PARTICIPATE! You have to bring your life jacket and meet in a designated area, they tell you a few things and then let you go and the adventure begins.

- Our dinner is at 6 p.m. every night, we all sit in the same area. I'll come around and say hi to everyone!

- After dinner, 7:30 pm, head over to the conference room and I'll have your tote bags ready. I'll go over the week's events and those of you who made trading cards can pass them out! We'll do a small warm up craft! Our craft room will be open every night, all through the night.

- The ship is like a mall that floats. There are stores for just about everything, and oodles of photo opps.

- If you feel seasick, you can buy a bracelet that put pressure on a spot on your arm that clears it up. Or you can ask me and I will show you how to do it with your hand. Our craft room is horizontal in the middle of the boat, so you won't feel like you are on the water at all.

- We will have the conference room for all but the three days while we are at sea. During those days, we'll have our workshops in the main dining area. We'll have lots of table room to spread out and work. We'll have the conference room after dinner, all night long and the days that we are at ports.

- Clothing is casual! I'll have art aprons for you.

- On the last night, the cruise director will give us tags for our bags. Tag them and set them outside your room. In the morning our group number will be called and we'll disembark from the ship. They'll have a customs form for you to fill out, and you have to pass through US Customs once you get off the ship.

ABOUT THE VIBE: You know how I like to make colorful micro collages and such? Well, the cruise is the same way, a LOT is packed in there. The room is full, it gets messy. We have music playing. It's a smooth pace, but we have a lot of things to make and use. If you are a newbie crafter, it can be overwhelming - so much to take in! You can come and go as you please. I package the workshops in kits to make it easier for you. I've had people work on their projects in their cabin, others take them all home and other practically live in the art room! My goal is for you to have a great time, to relax and go at your own pace! This cruise is YOUR TIME to pamper yourself and rejuvenate your spirit. If you are happy, I'm happy!

If you have anymore questions, just ask in the comments below and I’ll find out the answers!