Decoden shrine project from last year.
NOTE: Projects for the 8th Annual Cruise are still being planned! Stay tuned!

Workshops for the 7th Annual Crafty Chica Cruise

We will have four workshops, plus 3-4 mini workshops/demos.

Day of the Dead craft
Mixed media
more info to come!

I usually attend the Winter Craft and Hobby Show to see what the new, exciting tools and techniques are and then I solidfy the workshops.

Previous workshops: Embroidery hoop silkscreen, decoden shrines, fabric bracelets, tin, metal stamping, clay, papercutting, resin andmore!

Boxes of art supplies!

Craft supplies: I bring everything you need for the workshops, HOWEVER - a lot of our projects involve pictures, so if you want to use your own pictures, bring color copies in various sizes so you can incorporate them in your projects.

If you are bringing personal supplies and know you will share, make sure to label everything. Our room gets crazy with creativity and things get lost - and found.

Many cruisers bring a rollie tote to carry their supplies and projects.Make sure you leave space to take things home!

Sometimes cruisers bring extra supplies from home we put them on the community table. It's a good way to clear out your extra stash and it goes to good use.

On the last night, we have a FREE table where we put all the extra supplies that I can't take home, you are free to take these!

Here are some items to consider bringing that might help you (I'll have these for us to share, but many people bring their own):

- tweezers
- super glue
- reading glasses
- small task lamp
- baby wipes
- paper mask if you are sensitive to paint or glue smells
- ruler
- pencil, sharpener
- small extension cord

On the last night we have a mercado sale - you are welcome to bring your handmade items to sell to the other cruisers! We set up on the tables and say our goodbyes that night too!

Trading cards: Many cruisers made small artist trading cards and swap them the first night. This is totally optional. Even if you don't make any, you will still get some! If you want to participate, we have a total of 40 cruisers this year. Think small and simple. Plus these are fun because you can incorporate them in your projects throughout the cruise!