NOTE: I'll update this info soon. For the 8th Annual cruise we are going on Royal Caribbean.

Chowing down is a BIG part of the cruise.

They have buffets, sit down dining and 24 hour room service. I once ordered a brownie fudge sundae at 2 am. This is all included in your package!

There are also pay restaurants and a coffee bar. I did the coffee bar, but my goal is NOT to spend money, so we make full use of the buffets and such. It's all yummy. Every day they have different cuisines from around the world.

There is one dress up night and they have lobster for dinner. As far as formal dress, it basically means no jeans or cut offs. I was always immersed in crafting so I just slipped on a dress top and dark jeans.

But many of our past cruisers have had a blast with dress up night. One time these two adorable girls came in gothic prom dresses. another lady wore a big glittery hat. Yah, this is the nigh to break out with the glitter tattoos!

This is our routine for meals - breakfast buffet, but some days we do the sit down dining breakfast. You can order whatever you want off the menu and how ever much you want. Lunch we always do the buffet.

Breakfast is served from 7:45am to 9:00am. Lunch is from noon to 1:30pm. Early dinner time ranges from 5:45pm to 6:15pm, and late dinner time is from 8:00pm to 8:30pm. (Our dinner is at 6ish)

We do the sit down dinner every night. I love my glitter, but honestly, this dinner is the highlight of my day.

Especially the warm melting cake (see the guy holding it in the picture?) It's like warm cake batter with a warm crust on top. One time, all I wanted was the dessert. So while everyone ate steak, I oohed and ahhhed over my warm melting cake dessert. Hey, don't judge!

Confession: Sometimes they have TWO desserts I want to try so I make Patrick order one and I get the other and then I "nibble" on both.
Half way through the cruise we have a private all-you-can-drink cocktail party and buffet for one hour!