Thursday, May 9, 2013

Let’s give @Lowes some love!

We all know how crazy we can get with all the glue and glitter we use during our crafting sessions!

That is why we wanted to show Lowe's some love for providing this year's participants of the Crafty Chica Cruise, with aprons!   Not only did Lowe's provide us with aprons, but also inspiration by gifting the cruisers with copies of the Ideas Creativas Magazine.  Ideas Creativas is a free quarterly magazine distributed by Lowe's that is full of awesome project ideas and tips for home decor.  

You can subscribe to receive Ideas Creativas for free at

Make sure you also check them out on facebook, Ideas Creativas Facebook Page

The aprons came in a variety of rich colors and decorated with the Ideas Creativas emblem.

The aprons really came in handy, especially with keeping the cruisers looking fresh!

Cruisers getting down on the craft!

Great shot of dedicated crafters and awesome apron!

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