Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hot Glue Gun Helpers from @cathiefilian

This is a picture from the shipment that came in last week!
 You can't have a craft cruise without glue guns. How about a little finger protection to go with that? One of my BFF's, Cathie Filian (check out her blog, Make Something), invented the Hot Glue Gun Helpers! If you tune into HSN, you can see her selling them, live on the air.

See her next segments on March 20th at 10 a.m. and 6 pm.m ET

But she thinks us cruisers are extra special and she mentioned it to the powers that be over at Plaid and they agreed to donate one set to each of us!

I remember a couple years ago when Cathie told me she had this amazing idea that she was trying to get manufactured. It was TOP SECRET. Finally, one day we were chatting on the telly and she goes, "Oh heck, I'll tell you what it is!" And I gasped. Only a true crafter would know to come up with something like that - silicone finger protectors!

Here she is explaining what comes with the set and how it works:


Note: I also use these tools when I'm working with meltable plastic, resin and more. Nothing sticks to this pad, it's awesome!

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