Friday, March 9, 2012

First box of supplies: Sakura Pen Set!

I'm excited to announce the ever shiny Lizzy "La Chillona" Hernandez as this year's cruise supply coordinator and all-around go-to chica! Since she has signed on to help me facilitate the cruise last year, my life has been so much easier!

All the supplies are being sent to Lizzy's secret location, and I've asked her to snap a picture of each one as they arrive. The first box arrived today!

These are pens from Sakura of America! We have a illustration journal project this year and these pens will help everyone get rolling! They were kind enough to send each of us our very own set and pouch to store them.
Let me tell you about Glaze 3D Ink Pens - they are divine! They are creamy in consistency and dry to a raised texture, making them perfect for drawing on top of flat ink. If you love to "doodle" these pens are great because they create an embossed look and feel of whatever you draw!

Here is a video that shows all about them:


and we each also get one of these:
Thank you, Sakura and thank you to Julia for making it happen!

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