Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cruise Sponsorship Opportunity: Tote Swag!

Last year's Crafty Chica Cruise Tote
 We are getting ready for the 6th Annual Crafty Chica Cruise

One of the best aspects is the crafty swag tote! If you are a designer, artist, store owner, manufacturer, business owner, etc and want your product on our cruise, send me a note! I'll get you the info to be included!

It's free to participate.

Honestly - last year I had to turn items away because the totes were already stuffed and there wasn't enough room for more! So contact me now if you want your item included!

Not only will your item go in the tote, but I'll promote it here on my blog, as well as give a few totes away here as well. I also give you a shout out on the microphone to all the cruisers!

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