Friday, May 4, 2012

2012 projects: Wood canvases and tin embossing

Walnut Hollow sent us goodies from their Creative Metals line, as well as blank wood canvases. I realized about half way through the week that I booked a LOT of projects. At one point I turned to Jeshua, handed him the tin and stump tool and asked him to make samples for and if he could teach the process to the class. I felt bad for just kinda throwing it on him, but he whipped this up...

Once he got started, he didn't stop!

He went on to teach two tutorials to the cruisers on the techniques.
Mermaid of the sea.

This one he set inside one the the basswood canvases.
Now, about the canvases!

Many of us turned them around and made them into shadow boxes!

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